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LA + ICONOCLAST 국제 아이디어 디자인 공모전
조회수 : 2,666
  • 분야 건축/건설/인테리어, 해외
  • 응모대상 제한없음
  • 주최/주관 LA+
  • 후원/협찬
  • 접수기간 2018-05-24 ~ 2018-09-14 D+372
  • 총 상금 3천만원~1천만원
  • 1등 상금
  • 홈페이지 https://laplusjournal.com/ICONOCLAST-Competition
  • 첨부파일 파일없음
  • 페이스북 트위터 카카오톡 URL복사 메일보내기 인쇄
LA + ICONOCLAST 국제 아이디어 디자인 공모전

■ 지원자격 : 누구나
- 팀으로 참가할 경우 최대 3명까지 가능

■ 작품제출 : 10월 10일(현지시각 기준)

LA+ ICONOCLAST asks you to reimagine and redesign Central Park for the 21st century. LA+ ICONOCLAST is an international open design ideas competition. No professional qualifications are required to enter.

Submission deadline: Wednesday October 10, 2018 at 11.59 EDT (New York, USA time). 
Winners announced: Tuesday, November 27, 2018.
Winners + select entries published: The LA+ ICONOCLAST issue will be published in Fall 2019.

US $20,000 total prize money
• 5 winners to receive US$4,000, a certificate, and publication in LA+ Journal’s LA+ ICONOCLAST issue
• 10 honorable mentions to receive a certificate and publication in LA+ Journal’s LA+ ICONOCLAST issue

■ Image Requirements 
SHEET 1 (8.75 x 10.5 inches) featuring a plan to specified scale. 
SHEET 2 (17.5 x 10.5 inches) showing supporting imagery, the content and layout of which is at entrants’ discretion.
Submissions must conform to the page dimensions and instructions provided in the LA+ ICONOCLAST competition template, which is designed to assist journal layout for winning and other entries selected for publication. The competition template is available for download in .pdf, .indd, and .idml formats HERE. Also provided at that link is site information about Central Park including contours, the park’s pathways, water boundaries, site boundary, building footprints, 3D extrusions of the buildings, and street lines.

■ Text Requirements
A supporting statement** under 400 words explaining the design.
**Do not put the supporting statement on the image sheets. You will be asked to input the statement online during the submission process. 

Submission deadline: Wednesday October 10, 2018 at 11.59 EDT (New York, USA time). Instructions on how to submit and conditions of entry can be found under the 'Enter' tab on this website. Submissions must conform to these instructions. Non-conforming submissions will be disqualified.
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